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Xanax Cheap Australia

Torus Housing Group’s Atlas Street Extra Care Development in St Helens is now well on its way

We are delighted to post images of the new and significant building being built by Cruden Construction in St Helens.

Leading Merseyside and North West Registered Provider, Torus Group’s flagship £13m+ Extra Care Development is now highly visible to all around Atlas Street and Standish Street, St Helens with the steel frame demonstrating just what a sizeable undertaking this scheme is.

The building, which has been designed by Brock Carmichael Architects, Liverpool, includes 109 one-bedroom and 21 two-bedroom apartments, a bistro and hairdressers that will be open to the public, along with associated facilities including landscaped gardens.

Work commenced on site in March 2018 and is due for completion in early 2020.