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Buy Xanax G3722

An inspiring eveing of celebration was held a the Village Hotel, Warrington on Thursday 12th March as the Golden Gates Housing (GGHT) Employment and Initiatives Team recognised its own and local peoples achievement in reaching the milestone of enabling 450 people to find work since the initiative began in 2012.

Cruden Construction was delighted to be a supporting sponsor for this important event.

A number of awards, including GGHT Apprentice of the Year and GGHT Trainee of the Year, were given out at the celebration dinner, attended by the recipients, nominees, staff and residents from Golden Gates Housing, together with many multi agency partners such as Warrington Borough Council, Warrington & Co, Cruden Construction and other local businesses who also assisted in sponsoring the evening.

As a Warrington building contractor, Cruden Construction looks forward to continuing to develop a partnership with the Golden Gates Housing Employment and Initiatives Team to deliver even more 'Positive Change' by working together to encourage and create further employment and training opportunities for local people.