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The maintenance division of Cruden Property Services under the operational control of Chris Pugh and Andy Barker, undertakes Planned, Cyclical and Responsive Maintenance and other investment services to Housing & Care 21 (H&C 21) in Oldham under a 10 year contract.

Innovation and provision of community benefits is at the heart of the Cruden approach, so it is with no surprise that our Escalate in the Community initiative stepped in to help with requests by the Residents Committee at H&C 21's Charles Morris House to find a solution to their ongoing problem of wildlife entering flowerbeds and gardens through broken fences and causing damage to the landscaped gardens.

An Escalate team of volunteers, led by Cruden Client & Community Ambassador, Barry Curran, leapt into action and solved the issue by purchasing and fixing matching fencing to close the gaps at the bottom of the fence line. As part of the Escalate day, the team also jet washed the patio area and enhanced its appearance for the many residents who enjoy sitting out in the garden area.

Barry, supported by a Cruden team of John Ward, Andy Barker and Loretta Rigby from Cruden Property Services are shown enjoying the beautiful weather which helped them boost their suntan ready for their summer holidays.