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Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Qua White/Blue Specks Elliptical

Working in partnership with Community Gateway Association and Central Lancs Community Restart Team, Cruden Construction is supporting 'The Big Bike Revival Scheme', a project designed to encourage young people to use bicycles, reduce reliance on motorized vehicles, whilst at the same time delivering tangible benefits to improve personal health.

The initiative, introduced by the Central Lancs Community Restart Team, is being delivered at the local Garden Wild site on the Grange Estate in Ribbleton, Preston, nearby to where Cruden Construction is building 18 new homes for local people with Community Gateway Association.

Through our commitment to supporting local community groups, charities and other initiatives that seek to improve safety, education, health and wellbeing in the community we have been delighted to get involved in this worthy project.

An important part of the 'The Big Bike Revival' approach is furthering the educational understanding of young people. Pupils from Grange Primary School are benefitting through the instruction and learning of practical maintenance skills. In addition, a road safety awareness day will also be held at the school, supported by Cruden, which will teach young people safety and good road sense when using bicycles.

Billy Flynn, Cruden Construction Project Manager, is shown handing over a cheque to the Project Co-ordinator Franc Ashcroft from Garden Wild. The money will be used to purchase special repair/maintenance tools needed for practical workshops.