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Projects Division set for a Busy Summer 

The projects division of Cruden Property Services is set for a busy summer and beyond with a host of new contract awards either commenced or about to commence across the North West and Cumbria.

The division, which specialises in building works contracts covering refurbishment, alterations, extensions, demolitions, mechanical/electrical installations and energy services, often in occupied premises, for public and private sector customers, is seeing huge demand for its expertise and ability to consistently deliver.

The latest award is for extensions, alterations and refurbishments at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy in Runcorn at a value approaching £600,000. This follows on from contract awards with Manchester City Council through The North West Construction Hub Low Value Framework totalling over £1,350,000. These schemes are in eight schools and other public buildings, with works ranging from building recycling and window replacements to mechanical/electrical services upgrades and alterations/refurbishments over the summer holiday period. Cruden Property Services will also refurbish the Exchange Square Fountain for the Council later in the year.

In Chapelford, Warrington, Cruden Property Services will shortly commence construction of a new £1,700,000 Medical Centre for the National Health Service, whilst in Cumbria the company is continuing to build a strong presence across the county with three new contracts.

Working for The National Trust, works commence on 9th July at the Fell Foot Visitors Centre under a £750,000 contract to undertake refurbishment works and structural alterations. At Wattsfield Road, Kendal a £175,000 contract to install temporary buildings at Cumbria Care’s Horticultural Unit for people with learning disabilities is underway, as is a £760,000 contract to refurbish a care home at Castle Road, Kendal for the Health and Social Care Partnership, part of Elysium Healthcare.

In August, Cruden Property Services will commence a new 40 bedroom care home, Bowfell House in Urmston and Flixton in the Borough of Trafford for The Knoll Care Partnership under a £2,750,000 contract.

Commenting on the increasing demand, Mark Burns, Cruden Property Services Managing Director says:

“It is very pleasing that investments in Cumbria, where we have new offices and management, are striking a cord with many blue chip clients, whilst our consistent focus on long term clients such as Manchester City Council and the National Health Service continues to provide important work streams for us.

As always in construction our task is to deliver these new works to a high quality level in partnership with the clients ,design consultants and our supply chain. I am confident that we will achieve all their expectations.”