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Ground-breaking ceremony marks the commencement of construction on new Chapelford GP Surgery

Cruden Property Services, representatives from NHS Property Services, local councillors and Chapelford Community Group have marked the commencement of construction on a new Chapelford GP Surgery with a ground-breaking ceremony on Sunday 25th November 2018.

Cruden is delighted to be undertaking construction of the scheme in our home town of Warrington, that has taken a lot of hard work by the client and their team to bring to fruition. With a contract value of £1.7m, the new Chapelford GP surgery will be built on land behind the local Sainsbury’s.

The new steel framed, single storey building will be built over a 40 week period and will include six consulting rooms, two treatment rooms, disabled parking and a pharmacy.

Our photo shows Faisal Rashid, (centre left), MP for Warrington South and former Mayor of Warrington with Dr Dan Bunstone, (centre right), who will head the Chapelford Medical Centre, surrounded by local Councillors, representatives of NHS Property Services and members of the Chapelford Community Group together with our construction managers.

Cruden will work in partnership with architects, Day Architectural (Liverpool), consulting engineers, Sutcliffe (Liverpool), services consultant, PSD (Birkenhead) and cost consultant/quantity surveyors, Modero (Liverpool) to complete the project which has further extended Cruden’s growing list of NHS clients and projects.