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Buy Authentic Xanax Online

Cruden Construction will shortly commence two new contracts with a combined value of over £16m for leading registered provider Riverside Housing.

Riverside Housing are one of a number of progressive North West Housing Associations that procure contractors for building contracts through the Homes England supported Cutting Edge Framework, which aims to deliver better housing of all types in more efficient, cost effective and sustainable ways. Cruden Construction is a partner contractor on the framework and is committed to helping all Cutting Edge clients achieve their project goals.

The two new contracts will see a total of 126 homes created in Liverpool and Middleton, Rochdale.

In Liverpool, Cruden will build 28 houses, designed to reflect the local Georgian architectural terraces on Prescott Road, with works commencing in earnest in January 2019. Cruden will work with architects DC & MG Associates (Kirkham), consulting engineers, Alan Johnston Partnership LLP (Liverpool) and employers agent and cost consultants, Arcadis (Manchester).

At Bowness Road, Langley, Middleton, Cruden is delighted to have been selected to build 98 apartments and bungalows in a flagship extra care scheme for Riverside Housing. Cruden and its supply chain won the contract in a mini-tender competitive procurement process against other Cutting Edge Framework contractors.  Cruden offered Riverside Housing a ‘best value’ tender which benefited from Cruden’s substantial and arguably, unrivalled experience in the extra care and supported living sector. Works are due to commence in December 2018 and Cruden will work with architects, Eden Building Design (Lymm), consulting structural & civil engineers, Sutcliffe (Liverpool), services design consultant, ESD (Manchester) and employers agent and cost consultants, Wilkinson Cowan Partnership (Stockport).

Both schemes are due to be completed in 2020.

These two new awards follow on from the Dorset Court contract for 16 shared ownership bungalows that Cruden Construction commenced earlier this year for Riverside Housing and are due for completion in March 2019.

Cruden is delighted to have been entrusted with delivery of the two contracts and is looking forward to working closely with Riverside Housing, the project design consultants and our supply chain to create the new homes efficiently and effectively.  

Bowness Road, Langley