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Buy Genuine Phentermine Online Uk

Bolton-based Asons Solicitors has awarded the construction of their new, prestigious, £5m, 48,000 sq ft headquarters office development to Cruden Construction.

The striking four storey scheme is set to be a landmark development in Bolton, situated in the All Saints district on Clarence Street, adjacent to the major intersection of St Peter's Way and Topp Way.

Asons Solicitors was 'born and raised' in Bolton and is one of the largest law firms based in North West England. Whilst Cruden Construction undertakes building contracts almost exclusively in the North West, Asons Solicitors provides extensive legal services and guidance to clients across the UK.


Asons Solicitors values of 'professionalism, skills, teamwork, honesty, dedication and achievement' harmonise superbly with Cruden Construction's long-standing business ethos.

Cruden Construction Business Development Director David Dickie recognises the shared affinity, noting:

"Both Asons and Cruden focus on customer satisfaction as their number one priority and both organisations have great CSR credentials, committing resources and efforts towards helping North West communities prosper."

Cruden Construction will work with leading Bolton-based multi-disciplinary designers Bradshaw Gass & Hope LLP, who will undertake architecture, structural engineering, service engineering, quantity surveying, cost control and CDM coordination on the project. Their aim is to provide a first class design service, reflecting Asons Solicitors' requirements and adding value to the construction process from inception to completion. Once again, these are common values to Cruden Construction and we are excited about the opportunity to work with Bradshaw Gass & Hope LLP on this project.

Works will commence on site on 6th July 2015 and will be complete in the summer of 2016.

Cruden Construction delivering Quality, Service and Value since 1964.


N9 asons-solicitors.png   N9 Bradshaw Gass and Hope.gif