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Buy Xanax Paypal Uk

Five construction management teams from Cruden Construction, accompanied by client and design team representatives, attended the 2015 LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Awards Dinner at the Macron Stadium in Bolton on Friday 8th May 2015.

As finalists for six awards across five projects, all of our management teams can be justifiably proud of the quality of construction and finished buildings they have produced.

Pride of place must go to our management team that delivered the High Dependency Care and Extra Care Village, Belong Warrington which was selected by the judges as the winner of the LABC 'Best Inclusive Building' category.

Designed by architects, Pozzoni Design Group, Belong Warrington is a £6.85m design and construction project of 73 specialist high dependency care rooms and 18 extra care flats. The winning scheme was Cruden Construction's third Belong Village development in the last 5 years, following on from successful villages at Crewe and Atherton.

Belong Warrington Village includes a bistro, hair salon, exercise studio, function room and therapy rooms. The 73 specialist care settings enable 24-hour care, including nursing and dementia care, and the 18 extra care apartments allow people to live entirely independently, safe and secure within the village development.

Senior management representatives from Belong and the architects attended the awards dinner with Cruden Construction's Belong Management Team and together celebrated winning this award.

Belong Warrington also made the shortlist in the 'Best Large Commercial Building' category, whilst in the 'Best Social & Affordable Housing' category, we had four shortlisted projects:

- Anderton Place Extra Care Village, Northwich completed for Wulvern Housing
- Abbots Wood Extra Care Village, Chester completed for Your Housing Group
- Willow Close Bungalows, Wallasey completed for Housing & Care 21
- Winlowe Close Housing, Macclesfield completed for Peaks & Plains Housing Trust

The LABC Building Excellence Awards celebrate all that's good in the construction industry. The judges looked for factors that created these excellent buildings: technical innovation, sustainability and high performance. They also looked for the 'X' factor, special working relationships that produced new or creative solutions.

Ian Woolrich, Managing Director of Cruden Construction was delighted to learn of the company's success at the Awards saying:

"The Belong Warrington project team has achieved a fantastic pinnacle by being judged as an LABC Award Category Winner and I add my congratulations to everyone involved in the project.

The North West LABC Awards celebrate building achievements that are wholly aligned with our culture of 'Quality, Service and Value'.

I am very proud of all our construction teams' achievements in being shortlisted for six awards. Everyone at Cruden Construction knows they are winners too."