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Soma 350 Mg Generic

Escalate sets the North West benchmark for CSR, workforce development and training.

Escalate is Cruden Group’s unique and highly successful initiative, centred on a consistent and sustained approach to CSR and workforce nurturing, support and development.

Going above and beyond standard industry practice has always been our way and so we designed and developed our very own training, development and CSR programme - ESCALATE.

  • Escalate on the Job for apprenticeships and work placements.
  • Escalate Awareness for workforce training and development.
  • Escalate Professional for employees engaging in further/higher education.
  • Escalate Mentoring for developing tomorrow’s managers and leaders.
  • Escalate in the Community for improvement of local environments and charity support.

Escalate substantiated and improved our long standing commitment to recruiting, retaining, nurturing, supporting and developing talented people. Each strand of Escalate recognises specific needs across the workforce and confirms our commitment to market leading CSR.

Reinforced by our accreditations as an Investors in People, Positive about Disabled People Two Ticks and Leaders in Diversity Company, Escalate has been recognised for its innovation and achievement at regional and national levels, winning the Constructing Excellence NW & UK 2012 Leadership and People Development Award and the 2015 International CSR Gold Standard Award.