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Attracting and nurturing a skilled workforce

The Cruden Group is a major North West contracting organisation, employing a significant and diverse workforce. We offer a range of roles and responsibilities for highly skilled and motivated staff within management, construction, property services, sustainable energy and property development.

Many of our employees have multiple years’ service with our company and we are proud that former apprentices now populate management and even Board positions. We provide a competitive package of salary and benefits.

Through our Escalate programme, we provide ongoing training and development of our workforce, providing career progression opportunities and a platform for personal growth. Our commitment to maintain and grow a highly skilled and capable workforce is a major reason why clients come back to us again and again.

With Disability Confident and Leaders in Diversity accreditations, we are an equal opportunities employer and we promote policies and practice which recognize and value cultural diversity. From whatever background, we look for enthusiastic and experienced people interested in playing their part in our growth and development.

Please Buy Zolpidem China to look at current vacancies:

No recruitment agencies please.