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Buy Diazepam India

We are passionate about creating and maintaining a sustainable built environment in which people can live, work and play, safely and enjoyably.

Headquartered in Warrington, we are a strong, independent, multi-disciplinary business operating throughout North West England delivering resource and expertise directly to the clients and communities we serve.

Two specialist companies, Cruden Construction and Cruden Property Services focus on being the very best they can, matching services to customer needs and ensuring high quality outputs.

Carl Brian

Carl A Brian BSc Eng ACA

Group Chairman

Carl Brian is a graduate Civil Engineer and a Chartered Accountant. Carl has been a Director of Headcrown Group Plc, Cruden Group's ultimate holding company since 1995. Carl previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Management Consulting division and has been Chairman of the Cruden Group from 2012. Carl can be contacted at Buy Zolpidem China

Ian Woolrich

Ian Woolrich ICIOB

Group Director and Managing Director of Cruden Construction Ltd

Ian joined Cruden Construction in 2000. His positions have included Construction Manager and Construction Director, joining the Cruden Construction Board of Directors in April 2007, and progressing to Managing Director in 2012, when he also joined the Group Board. He has an extensive knowledge of traditional and modern methods of construction gained from delivering many types of buildings. Ian can be contacted at Order Alprazolam Online From Canada


Simon Burrows ACA

Group Financial Director

Simon, a Chartered Accountant qualifying with Arthur Andersen, joined Cruden Group in January 2015. Simon has previously worked across the industry, holding senior positions at Alfred McAlpine, Crosby Homes and Arley Homes. Simon manages our Finance and IT Group’s and brings a wealth of commercial experience and perspectives from other sectors including FMCG and support services. Simon can be contacted at Generic For Ambien 10 Mg

Mark Burns

Mark Burns IMBM Dip, FIoD

Group Director and Managing Director of Cruden Property Services Ltd

Mark has worked for Cruden for 30 years, joining Cruden Property Services in January 2000, the CPS Board of Directors in 2004 progressing to Managing Director in 2013, when he also joined the Group Board. Mark has extensive experience in construction and maintenance operations managing a large and diverse workforce. Mark has overall operational responsibility for the property services business.Mark can be contacted at Buy Xanax Australia

 Pat Treanor.jpg

Pat Treanor BSc, MSc, MRICS,

Director of Cruden Construction Ltd

A highly qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyor, Pat has been with Cruden for 12 years.  In a career spanning almost three decades Pat’s background is in estimating and surveying, working for Tysons Contractors in Liverpool (8 years) and John Mowlem in Bromborough (9 years) before joining Cruden in 2005. Pat has overall responsibility for Cruden Construction’s Quantity Surveying functions, whilst playing an important and pro-active role in pre-construction and construction management.  Pat can be contacted at Buy Soma Fedex Overnight.

  David Dickie.jpg

David Dickie BEd DipM

Director of Cruden Construction Ltd

David has been with Cruden for 19 years and has been in construction marketing for both suppliers and contractors for the past 35 years. A qualified Marketeer, David is responsible for business development, marketing and pre-construction within Cruden Construction. David can be contacted at Buy Phentermine White With Blue Specks


Andy Barker.jpg

Andrew Barker 

Director of Cruden Property Services Ltd

Andy has worked for Cruden Property Services since 2007 and has more than 20 years’ experience in project, line and contract management positions.  Andy’s responsibilities are primarily focused on operational management of our delivery teams in Warrington, Workington, Kendal and Oldham, delivering small works construction and refurbishment projects, sustainable energy improvement contracts and maintenance activities designed and delivered to customer service specifications.  Andy can be contacted at Buy Xanax Uae